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I'm passionate about open source because I fundamentally believe in the radical power of transparent and open knowledge making. Here are some of the projects I've worked on the most.


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renature Documentation Site

I built the renature documentation site as part of my broader work on the library during Formidable's inaugural Open Source Fellowship.

The project is built on react-static and styled-components, with live code examples powered by react-live. Diagrams were made by me using Sketch. Thanks are due to my colleagues Eliot Adams, Phil Plückthun, Ryan Roemer, and Matt Keith for their support on design and infrastructure.

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The documentation site for renature, a physics-based animation-library for React.

Police Shootings

I built this set of visualizations on police violence in America after diving into data compiled by the Guardian in their project, The Counted. This project seeks to expand their findings by combining shootings data with racial data from the 5-year American Community Survey (ACS). Together, these two data sources give us a clearer geographic picture of how police violence affects folks of different races across the country.

This project is built on react, redux, and d3. Much of the logic around data fetching and side effects is done using redux-saga. The temporal line charts are built using victory.

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A data visualization project looking at police shootings in the United State between 2015 and 2016.